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Modern Chandeliers Toronto

For centuries, chandeliers have been home décor centerpieces that have instilled a sense of opulence and luxury. The more modern chandeliers Toronto has available are a little more accessible and better suited to the average family home but still provide the same look and feel of sophistication and elegance. If you’re in the GTA, you’re in luck. You have access to a five-thousand square foot showroom displaying beautifully crafted chandeliers from the most sought after designers in the industry, and it happens to be staffed by some of the friendliest and most helpful professionals found anywhere. No matter the size, style or budget you’ve got in mind, the right chandelier can be found with ease.

Small Hanging Lights

This is likely the best place to start for those with smaller spaces. Despite the fact that these modern classics are smaller, they still convey the same feelings as their more space consuming and expensive cousins. Modern chandeliers can be found with as little as a single bulb and are ideally suited to bedrooms, home offices and even smaller dining rooms. They are also fantastic for lighting specific areas of the home and for using light to showcase art, statues and collectibles in any room.

Medium Hanging Lights

If you’ve got a little more space that would facilitate a larger chandelier, there are some great options in the 3-10 bulb range. Some of the hottest designers specialize in this particular size. They’re commonly used by interior designers in staircases, dining rooms and living rooms and are as much a work of art as they are functional lighting devices. Brands including Ralph Lauren, John Richard and Nuevo make some of the best options on the market today from long-lasting beautiful materials. Silver, brass, leather and stunning crystals add warmth and comfort that simple ceiling lighting alone can’t provide.

Large Chandeliers

These are among the biggest home lighting options available. Some manufacturers create breathtaking modern chandeliers with as many as forty individual lights. Since these lighting fixtures are large and extravagant, they’ll need a fairly substantial space. The largest chandeliers are perfect for homes with vaulted ceilings; however, all can be raised or lowered to accommodate any large open ceiling space. They’re fabricated from the highest quality materials and give homeowners pride of ownership that is unmatched by any lighting alternative. With countless designs, colours, bulb counts and material combinations, it’s easy to find the perfect chandelier for any large space.
If you’re considering new lighting fixtures for your home, there’s no other option as beautiful or as awe inspiring as the brilliant modern chandeliers Toronto’s finest lighting specialists have available. Take advantage of an enormous showroom to better visualize how each unique piece will work in your home. The highly knowledgeable and helpful staff will be more than happy to answer questions or to make suggestions based on your personal needs, desires and of course, the space you’ve got available. Jump online today to locate the finest purveyor of lighting fixtures the GTA has to offer and you’ll be rewarded with some of the best modern chandeliers available today.

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